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Omid has 18 years experience with Intel Corp, where he rose to the position of leading their entire global corporate purchasing operations organization. His experience and strength in negotiations earned him the corporate designation of “Godfather of Negotiation Planning” for the entire .2B global purchasing organization, thus also nicknamed, The 2 Billion Dollar Man.

He has broad and rich experience in complex, high dollar value, and high stakes negotiations, total cost analysis, supply chain management, purchasing contract law, purchasing operations, purchasing policies and procedures, complex sourcing strategies, controls and risk management, selection and deployment of purchasing systems/tools, purchasing integration of mergers and acquisitions, international purchasing strategies, negotiating with different cultures, supplier performance management, procurement training, and purchasing strategy mapping and execution.


1. Taking costs out of supply chain
 Why asking suppliers to reduce price is an antiquated strategy
 Why focusing on supplier profit reduction only attacks a very small part of TCO
 How to make your suppliers excited about reducing TCO instead fighting against you
 How to change your RFX (RFP, RFQ) strategy and approach forever to get far more innovative and deep cost savings responses from suppliers

2. Writing contracts to prevent & remedy TCO excursions
 Why relying on the legal department to “own” the contract terms is the biggest disservice to your results and to your career
 How empowering yourself with contract knowledge can liberate you from being dependent on the legal department
 Why relying on the standard contract template terms can get you in lots of hot water and how to stay out of it
 How to shift the focus from the contract being a safety net for when things go wrong to having it be a strategic tool to make sure things go right

3. Cost Modeling & Benchmarking for success
 What the different sorts of cost models are (Should Cost, Must Cost, Total Cost)
 When to use each type of cost model and when to use benchmarking
 Why using the wrong type of tool will get you poor results and result in lots of wasted time

4. Using concessions to achieve Win-Win
Why the traditional notion of Win-Win is completely wrong and needs to be thrown out the window
 What the Art and Science of negotiations really is: Meeting ALL of your high value/high TCO objectives while knowing how to make the supplier feel good about the deal
 Why listening is the most important negotiation skill and how to use it to achieve Win-Win
 How to use a concessions worksheet model to ensure that you know exactly what the supplier wants, and how to deliver them some “wins” that are high value but have minimal impact to your TCO

Omid goes even deeper into each of these topics in training through his website, seminars, webinars and courses.

We invite you to join our community and experience a paradigm shift in purchasing that will make your career and life much less stressful and much more enjoyable.

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