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Striving For Excellence In Procurement Employment

Recruiting Graduate Procurement Staff.

New South Wales boasts one of the most financially stable climates across the entire world, and as a result; it’s become a vast trading ground for businesses and individuals. The potential for both large and medium sized businesses to procure property and assets, as well as to offer a range of services within specific industries is what allows NSW to prosper as it has been doing so. As with most financial industries it’s important to understand the basics of doing business. Ensure you have the right qualified staff for procurement.



  • Interacting With Other Businesses

    Whether a business is B2B or B2C, the truth is that most will require a certain level of interaction with other businesses in order to function efficiently. In New South Wales, businesses can take part in the ‘NSWBuy’ variety of services, which not only provides a business with a way to transact; it helps to monitor and maintain a balance amongst organisations.

    In cases where B2C is a priority, ‘NSWBuy’ helps to train individuals members of staff in obtaining the most from sales potentials when dealing with customers. This training can further extend to B2B operations as the staff will be far more knowledgeable about interactions when it comes to sales and procurements on a variety of levels. Professor Jonathan Ramsay



  • Becoming a Government Supplier

    The New South Wales government is constantly updating its services, and the demand for fresh business acumen has never been bigger. Becoming a government supplier does involve undergoing a thorough application process, but the results are often a stable contract that can guarantee a workload for years to come.

    Most businesses with the facilities to provide services to the government will require a registration number, a tax code and any other relevant service materials. In cases of construction; evidence of access to machinery and materials will be required, and this necessity is considered one of the most important assurances especially when it comes to manual activities (garbage collection, road repair, and so on).




  • News Updates For February 04, 2015

    With so many businesses vying for contracts, one of the most important aspects (and one that is often considered the deciding factor) is relevance. An organisation must first possess the relevant experience involved in dealing with a government contract. Secondly, they must have the facilities in place to ensure a steady flow of activity. As briefly mentioned above; a government contract requires a fluent operation of activities such as the collection and disposal of garbage.



  • News Updates for January 30, 2015

    The New South Wales government is expected to practice these activities to a schedule, and so if a business has a track record of being unreliable or do not fully implement Workplace Health & Safety policies, or if they don’t have the facilities in place to perform the tasks at hand, then it’s not uncommon for them to be overlooked in favour of another business. To procure the ideal contract, a business must remain reliable at all times, experienced in their industry and be as cost-effective as possible.