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Checking your Procurement Eligibility

Checking your Procurement Eligibility

Being sure that you are eligible for a procurement within New South Wales has never been easier. There are several important aspects to consider before planning a procurement project, as not everyone is entitled to the same benefits and schemes; so here’s a look at those aspects.

Non-Profit Organisations

Any non-profit organisations are often eligible to procure properties and facilities, as long as the intention is to provide a free service. These contracts include private hospitals, council buildings, private schools, universities, commonwealth locations and other similar areas. A non-profit organisation will always be given priority, especially if their services relate to charities.

Buyer Contracts

Business procurements will often involve purchasing contracts relating to the business in question. These contracts can relate to construction, education or medical facilities, and when attempting to procure a property or contract within New South Wales, candidates will be expected to prove that they are a viable option.

Government Services

When considering providing contracts for government services, buyers need to be aware of a range of clauses and expectations involved in the purchase. First of all, the buyer will need to demonstrate that they are capable of providing the mentioned services. Secondly, a buyer will have to provide a cost effective and quality of service that stands out from competitors. In order to be eligible for this; a buyer will need to ensure that their name, brand or organisation is registered within New South Wales, with all relevant tax codes and documentation. Failure to do so may result in an application being dismissed.

Organisation Relevance

Within the walls of the NSW government, one of the biggest priorities is to define a standard quality of services amongst contractors and service providers. It’s this expectation that sets the mark for all buyers intending to procure contracts. When applying, an organisation will be expected to present any documents that clearly define their relevance as a service provider. This helps to separate companies that offer agricultural services from procuring properties and contracts relating to financial sectors for example.

Contract Eligibility

As briefly mentioned above; certain organisations will be far better suited to undertaking contracts relating to their field of expertise. The expectations of these contracts will vary from service to service, but in most instances they can be broken down in to the following categories:

  • Government contracts on a wider scale (relating to all government contracts that are undertaken by external businesses)
  • Other relevant New South Wales government contracts (any non-specific contracts)
  • Major construction contracts (with a value of over $1 million)
  • Minor construction contracts (with a value of under $1 million)

Government services require a multitude of industry features and so there is no strict limit on the type of business that can attempt to procure a contract; although as mentioned above the relevancy issue will play a major role in any decisions made.